Installation of your Flooring

Installation is the most critical step to ensure the overall performance and appearance of your new floor. You should contact a floor covering installer much like you would a building contractor. A reliable installer should carry insurance, both liability and workmen’s compensation.

Installation of your Flooring

We offer these guidelines to help you make a more informed decision on selecting your installer:

The best way is through referral. Possibly a friend or relative, maybe even your builder, has had floor covering installed recently.

Another way and could very well be the first choice is to call the CFI (Certified Floor Covering Installers) for a referral. They will furnish phone numbers for independent certified installers in your area. Certified installers usually charge a bit more but will follow all the guidelines set forth by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

The third way is to check your local yellow pages under the listing “Carpet and Rug – Installers”. You can receive a copy of installation guidelines (commercial or residential) from the Carpet and Rug Institute.
No matter how you find your installer, always ask for referrals before committing to one installer. Please phone or email us for the telephone number for the CFI or how we can find you an installer.

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