Ceating a Personal Space with Hardwood Flooring

There are so many wonderful products on the market that carpet seems a bit boring and unimaginative. However; carpeting remains the most economical choice in most instances.

But, If you have the budget to upgrade to another product, hardwood flooring might be the best option. Hardwood is one of the most desirable flooring types in the housing and commercial markets. Homeowners and homebuyers alike are drawn to the beauty and elegance that enter rooms that feature hardwood flooring.


Consumers used to be limited to one hardwood flooring choice: ¾-inch planks of American red oak. Not that this was a bad thing; red oak is a beautiful species, and used to be inexpensive and easy to obtain. Consumers now also have two other options: engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.

Hardwood flooring is a solid wood material that is milled into planks from 5/16-inch thick to ¾-inch thick or more, varying lengths, and widths 2-1/4-inch to over 6 inches wide. Each plank has a tongued edge and a grooved edge that is typically nailed or stapled to a wooden subfloor. Installation directly over concrete is not recommended, but it is possible.

Any way you look at it, wood flooring is a smart choice for resale and can open up a small space. So if your budget will allow it, go for wood in the common areas of your home and carpet in the bedrooms. That way you get the elegance of wood and can save your budget with carpet elsewhere in your home.