Hardwood Flooring and Laminate Flooring Styles

There are several different hardwood flooring styles and textures. Each has its own distinct look and each, if used properly, can achieve beautiful results. We suggest that you get an overview by reading about some of the styles listed below.


Laminate FlooringLaminate flooring is a cheaper alternative to wood flooring. Laminate is similar to your mica countertop only much stronger. The surface is actually a plastic-type composition applied to the core using heat and pressure, the core is usually made of high-density fiber or particleboard, and the backing can be a paper or another layer of laminate. Laminate flooring requires a pad prior to installation, for soundproofing and to provide a moisture barrier.


hardwood floorsHardwood floors add a beautiful and natural touch. They also add value to your home and are highly praised in the resale home market. Today’s hardwood floors have made advances in style, durability, maintenance, and care, making them more widely usable throughout the home (with the exception of the bathroom where its use is not recommended due to potential moisture problems). With simple sweeping or vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning, wood floors will last a lifetime. There are hundreds of choices in style and color with today’s options even spanning into exotic hardwoods. Most wood floors are available in several grades in a wide range of prices.

There are two constructions of wood commonly sold. “Solid” wood is milled from one piece of wood. “Engineered” wood consists of three or more layers in a cross-ply construction. Solid wood construction is generally used when installing over a wood subfloor where the hardwood will be nailed to the subfloor. Engineered wood construction is generally used when the floor is installed in basements or over slab concrete where the hardwood floor needs to adhere to the subfloor. Woods styles come in strips, planks, or parquet tiles with numerous edge treatments such as square, micro, and beveled edges. You can choose from a wide range of stains to complement your d├ęcor and from two types of finishes: urethane or wax. Both can be enjoyed as soon as the floor is installed.